I grew up watching my Nana sew in her backporch. She made dolls for a store called Fairfield Folk Art in La Habra, California. She could make anything. If someone gave her an idea or showed her a picture, she would whip it up like it was nothing. Her sewing machine was like lightning. I can still remember the sounds and the smells of her back porch. Lots of coffee. Her mug full of cold coffee she forgot to drink, and buckets of coffee she used to dye new bright fabric so it looked vintage and stained. I loved that smell. I lost her in my twenties and think about her all the time, but mostly when I'm creating or sewing. She is my inspiration and my angel. I know she is with me when I'm sewing. I am truly lucky to have her talent and I aspire to be more like her every day. 

In 2013 I started a brand called So Cute Co. I thought that creating a brand would inpsire me to create and sell some of my own handmade products. I decided to sell childrens clothes and one of a kind bags called "Machine Bags". I was and still am inspired by the Japanese culture. Not only do they keep things super kawaii, they also pay close attention to detail. I always hope my products meet those two standards. 

Because my family moves quite often, and we homeschool our girls, I found the time to dedicate to So Cute Co. very limited. I would often go through phases of motivation and never quite got So Cute Co. going in the direction that pleased me. So it was put on the back burner. 

Fast forward to today, we are currently going thru one of the craziest times in any of our lifetimes. A world wide pandemic. Quarantined, no school, no work, and now we are mandated to wear face masks in public. My husband is currently out of work as a tattooer and he is our sole income provider. To help, I have decided to use my sewing skills again and create non-medical reusable cloth face masks for the public. Not only has this enabled my family to pay our bills, but this has kicked my butt into creative mode and business mode. I will be selling my handmade face masks and will be updating products in this space moving forward. 

( I want to make it VERY CLEAR that I do NOT support mandated face masks. My belief is that it should be VOLUNTARY. I support your choice to wear a face mask and I support your choice not to wear a face mask. )

I will be using my So Cute Co. logo but decided to start a new chapter, as a namesake brand, CissyLaLa.